Signature of leading projects in Russia

As one of the rare companies doing business in that geography in the process of disintegration of the Soviet Union, our company, which delivers quality and timely work to its customers, and offers professional solutions to buildings with its technology and experience; has become the symbol of Trust by successfully completing important projects in various regions of Russia.

International Riga Bank / Riga – LATVIA
Dmitrovskoye Shosse Business Center / Moscow – RUSSIA
Mineralnie Vody Sberbank / Mineralnie Vody – RUSSIA
Altin Ayar Center Restoration / Moscow – RUSSIA
ZAO Pharmaceutical Factory / Moscow - RUSSIA


We realized important projects in Turkic Republics

Our company, which has grown and developed thanks to its successful works in various regions of Russia, has continued its successful works in many superstructure projects and restoration projects both in Russia and in the Turkic Republics, which are neighboring countries.

Altin Ayar Branch Restoration / Kostroma – RUSSIA
Stavropol Town Hall / Stavropol – Russia
Turkish Republic Embassy Building / Tbilisi – Georgia
Sultan Sancar Tomb Restoration / Marv - TURKMENISTAN


Accurate investments in Russia / Stavropol Area

Our company since its establishment, signed a lot of projects successfully in Turkey, Russia and Turkic Republics as the main contractor and through accurate steps has realised its own investments in the Caucasus region. In this context, Galleria Shopping and Life Center project, which does not have an example in South Russia, and the Garden City Residence Complex project, which is the first smart home project of the Stavropol region, offering a quality and safe life intertwined with sports and nature, has been successfully completed and offered to the use of the people of the region.

Stavropol Galleria Shopping and Life Center / Stavropol - RUSSIA
Garden City Residence Complex / Stavropol - RUSSIA


Successful works in Sberbank projects

While our group successfully continued its investments, it continued also to increase its business potential by continuing its main contracting business in the Russian region. In this context, it successfully completed the construction of the Sberbank branches in Krasnodar, which is one of the biggest banks in Russia, and delivered it complet and on time.

Sberbank Nevinnomyssk Bank Branch / Nevinnomyssk – RUSSIA
Sberbank Novoaleksandrovsk Bank Branch / Novoalexandrovsk - RUSSIA


Successfully completed Shopping Center projects

The success of Gentes Group of Companies in their investments has gained the attention and appreciation of the investors in the region. The Shopping Center projects planned to be built in the region by the investors in and around Stavropol have been successfully carried out by the company Gentes, which has a strong team, experience and knowledge.

Pyatigorsk Galleria Shopping and Life Center / Pyatigorsk - RUSSIA
Min. Vody Vershina Shopping and Life Center / Min-Vody - RUSSIA
Essentuki Vershina Shopping and Life Center / Essentuki - RUSSIA


Successfully completion of technological constructions in Russia

Gentes Group of Companies, with its structure that has adapted to the competitive external environment and the inevitable change process of the 21st Century, by using its knowledge and experience in the superstructure and infrastructure projects it is specialized in, is complying with the needs of the employers and users in the best way in terms of technology and cost. As a main contractor, our Group has successfully completed the Office administration building, Hotel and Residence housing works in the Moscow and Krasnodar region of Russia.

Mojayskiy Office and Administration Building / Moscow - RUSSIA
"Hram Vozduha" Hotel Complex / Kislovodsk - RUSSIA
Garden City Gelendzhik Residence Housing Construction / Gelendzhik - RUSSIA


Successful work appreciated in Sochi Olympic Village projects

Gork gorod Olympic Village, which was designed within the scope of the Russian Sochi 2014 Olympics, consists of many hotels, accommodation facilities, restaurants and service buildings. Turkey's leading construction companies took part in this project. Gentes Group of Companies, which is one of the leading companies in the Turkish construction industry, has also completed the Hotel construction, Central Kitchen construction and Indoor car park finishing works within the scope of the Sochi Gork gorod Olympic Village without any problems and on time. Due to their successful works, Gentes were awarded with a plaque of success by the Sochi 2014 Olympic Committee General Finance Partner Sberbank.

Gorki Gorod Apart Hotel Construction / Sochi / Russia
Sochi Olympic Village Central Kitchen Project Sochi / Russia
Sochi Olympic Village underground parking garage finishing works Sochi / Russia


Technological and original designs for investors in Russia and Turkic Republics

In Russia and the Turkic Republics, feasibility studies, technological projects and original designs were made to investors within the scope of infrastructure and superstructure constructions. Studies were carried out to provide Eximbank loans for the investments to be made.

“Agrico” Fruit And Vegetable Market Complex / Mıneralny Vody / Russia
“Uzgen” Technological Meat Processing Plant / Cizzak / Republic of Uzbekistan
“Colosseum” Entertainment Center Project- Aquapark - Shopping Center - Hotel / Stavropol / Russia
“Aktobe” 33.000 seat Capacity Stadium Project / Aktobe City / Kazakhstan
“Symkent” 33.000 seat Capacity Stadium Project / Symkent City / Kazakhstan


Contracting services accelerated in African countries

Gentes Group of Companies has accelerated its activities in the African Region to perform its International Contracting services in all countries of the world. In this context, it is about to complete the construction of 2 Tourism Hotel projects in Algeria in the North Africa continent and continues its project studies on Military and Civil training area project works related to superstructure constructions.

Thalassotherapy Center Hotel Construction / Algier s / Algeria
Modernization of El-Marsa Hotel / Algiers / Algeria
Aviation Medicine and Physiological Education/Training Training Center Project / Blida / Algeria


Feasibility and original project studies for developing African countries

With 30 years of experience and knowledge, Gentes Group of Companies conducts feasibility and project studies in line with the priority needs of the regions for ministries and investors in developing African countries. Within the scope of the Superstructure constructions, specially designed projects especially related to Health projects, production facilities, sports facilities, culture and education areas have been carried out.

Conacry 200 Bed State Hospital Project / Republic of Guinea
Conacry Congress and Cultural Center Project / Republic of Guinea
Meat-Dairy Farm Facility / Equatorial Guinea / Malabo
Gen Meat Waste-Free Meat Processing Complex / Republic of Guinea
10.500 Audience Capacity Sports Facility Project / Kigali / Rwanda